Stop hating on the kids of the rich/famous/wealthy

Arnav Roy
1 min readJul 10, 2022

Our society needs to have a better relationship with not being hateful towards kids of the rich/wealthy/famous and instead hold their parents accountable as well.

Obviously, certain kids choose to exhibit entitled behavior even with the knowledge of their privilege so being upset at them there is justified.

That being said, some behavior, we have to realize, it doesn’t make sense to be wholly upset with the kid because their environment shaped them and their environment was created by their parents.

For example, if they’ve grown up with a full-time driver, you might get mad at them for being used to that luxury, but think about it, who created that environment?

Who allowed them to have a full-time driver for 18 years growing up? Their parents. Certainly the kids didn’t pay for that.

We need to hold parents of rich kids just as accountable as the kids.

It’s just as much on the the parents of rich kids to be accountable to either

a) not create entitled environments or

b) ensure their kids understand their privileges and how unique they are and to not be entitled.



Arnav Roy

Mental health advocate, host of Grateful Living Podcast. Life Coach. YouTube Channel: Grateful Living. Instagram @aroy81547.