People in their 20s can be life coaches

Arnav Roy
1 min readJul 4, 2022

A 27 year can provide better advice than a 50 year old.

The other day, I got into a debate with someone about “life coaches”.

The individual believed that people in their 20s couldn’t be life coaches — that life coaches should have decades of experience.

I think the important distinction here is the topic.

Obviously, a 50 year old whose been a public company CEO can give better advice to a 22 year old on becoming a public company CEO than a 27 year old whose never been a public company CEO.

However, if the topic switches to something else, like social media and growing up with social media, the 27 year old probably has a lot more insight. The 50 year old didn’t grow up with social media as a child and can’t relate to the anxieties as a teen growing up with social media the way a 27 year old can.

Yes, certain life coaching topics, more experience can be useful, however, certain life topics, decades of life experience isn’t always necessary.



Arnav Roy

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