How Small Businesses/Startups Can Better Retain Employees

  • People don’t feel like a cog in the system (people feel like they matter and their impact/work matters)
  • The systems aren’t so professionalized that the organization runs slow — One of the biggest complaints for working in big corporate environments is everything needs approval and we move very slow. Make sure you don’t run like a big company.
  • Employees have the opportunity gain more responsibility
  • I think this is the biggest one. Ask your employees — What is their internal purpose? What are they motivated by? How does your company help them with that?
  • With the first bullet being the more intrinsic, also know about the practical — the financial/benefits portion. Again, every person is different. Someone want a certain salary increase every year. Some just want certain hours and that to not change.
  • Make sure you’re asking and trying your best to help your employees get what they want.



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Arnav Roy

Arnav Roy

Mental health advocate, host of Grateful Living Podcast. Life Coach. YouTube Channel: Grateful Living. Instagram @aroy81547.