Audit Who You’re Receiving Advice From

When accepting advice, it’s important to understand the perspective of the person giving you the advice.

I’ll give an example.

The other day, my friend was talking to his parents about possibly starting her own business.

And she brought the idea up to her parents.

And they were shocked and said no, that’s not a good idea. You don’t know anything about running a business.

She came to me and said what do you think?

And I told her in that moment, you have to understand your parents aren’t entrepreneurs. They’ve worked for other people in bigger corporate environments for over 30 years.

For them, you have to realize, when they give you advice or their thoughts on your idea, it’s coming from a place of projecting their own fear of the question.

If they were asked to start a company, they would be fearful because they’ve never done it before, so therefore they tell their daughter you can’t do it either.

Asking someone whose never built a business what they think about you building a business isn’t necessarily the smartest thing.

Instead, I would go to someone whose successfully built a business and get their keys, and someone who hasn’t and get their keys.

First ask, people to think objectively.

Secondly, ask people in positions where you want to go.

If you want to ask advice about moving up the corporate ladder, talk to someone whose currently in a C suite executive position, not a colleague.




Host of Grateful Living Podcast. Life Coach. Instagram @aroy81547

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Arnav Roy

Arnav Roy

Host of Grateful Living Podcast. Life Coach. Instagram @aroy81547

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